Which is the powerful hosting for 1million traffic in 2021?

Hello, we are here for sharing some most important factors that are hosting any website or blog the hosting can help in ranking any blog the most important thing of hosting is how much the hosting can handle the traffic so that decide your ranking we will discuss all things in this article read this article for taking more knowledge.

Firstly let’s talk about basic things.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is a virtual computer or server where you can store your data which is owned by big companies and organizations, A hosting is like your computer but hosting has lots of high specification computers which is also known as servers which connected with high-speed internet connection that can be axis all over the world with help of internet and user id or password.

The Hosting is basically for the website storage the website has lots of things like text, files, media and many things and the hosting is provided by lots of companies (with their paid plans).

What is Cloud Hosting?

There are millions of servers placed in every country with very high-speed data and very smarts computers which are very demanding products for speed and ranking if cloud hosting provide service so they have lots of monthly charges, the cloud hosting has lots of data centres in the world if someone request on your site so nearby server connect the website and sow your website the page loading speed is very fast due to fast loading the google search engine recommend your site on top

Difference between shared hosting and cloud hosting?

There are lots of differences between cloud hosting and shared hosting, cloud hosting can handle 10000 real-time visitors, shared hosting can’t handle more than 400 real-time traffic, shared hosting is cheaper than cloud hosting, cloud hosting has an on-time upgrade option when your website has more traffic upgrade your plan to higher plans but shared hosting doesn’t have an option like this, with my experience if you are a beginner or intermediate you have to go with cloud hosting there are ver cheap plans like $5 for a month is better than shared hosting plans around $2 per months.

Does Shared Hosting affect ranking?

Shared hosting is just like there are 4 people like you which is equality divided a computer of hosting is shared hosting, in 2021 the SEO is totally changed the page loading speed is also matter in ranking so if you are using shared hosting there are lots of ranking problem link blog never come in the top position which can affect the whole website, if you are making micro niche like single page content on less competitive keyword-only your website is first in that keyword so on that condition your website can come on top position.

Which is the powerful hosting for 1million traffic in 2021?

The most asked question on Google is the best hosting, which is power full hosting, which can handle 1 million traffic.

and the answer depends on the condition it can be shared hosting and also can be $100 cloud hosting, that all depends on condition which kind of traffic coming, which kind of website and many more

if you have news or blog website where you have more than 1000 of the article and millions of real-time traffic on that condition you need cloud hosting that is very good for your website and for good ranking.

or if you have a micro-niche website where you doesn’t have lots of articles or any portfolio website where you doesn’t need much traffic you can use shared hosting the shared hosting is best on that condition, Namecheap hosting can handle 1million traffic in one month but on real-time traffic, it can only handle around 400 users at a time.

If you have real-time 1 million traffic on your website, cloud hosting is best, but if you have 10k to 20k per day traffic, you can go with shared hostings.

If you don’t have any amount o invest and you have just started the journey in blogging you can go with blogger, blogger is one of the best platforms where you can make any kind of website and that is managed by Google which is a headache of google to manage the speed of blogger if you have millions of real-time traffic blogger also handle that traffic, blogger is free of cost you can make website on blogger which is totally free.

Blogger is just like WordPress here you can write blogs, create pages, make more reliable websites and many more but there is doesn’t have any support of plugin which is not good for SEO in 2021. in blogger you can also take Google Adsense¬†and earn from ads.

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