What happen I send spam traffic to my Adsense approved website?

Hey, we are here for sharing some knowledge about spam or bot traffic on any website in detail and sharing my experience for taking Adsense approval.

What happen I send spam traffic to my Adsense approve website? No this kind of thing is a policy violation which means you got rejected by AdSense and your website or blog got lots of penalties your site will never grow or index on google.

There are lots of ways to get traffic from comment backlinking, guest posting and there are lots of methods for getting traffic to take Adsense approval which is written the way in 2021.

What is Adsense why do they approve your website or blog?

Adsense is a very big ad showing network is owned by GOOGLE LLC and Adsense want a basic requirement in any blog or website the requirement are as follow:-

  • Minimum 50 Unique Content of around 700 words.
  • Install a Fresh Theme or Template.
  • Add website in search console.
  • Create an important page (Privacy policy, Disclaimer, Term and condition, Contact).
  • Create a navigation menu.
There are requirements given by google Adsense for a blog but there are forum and tool websites also the is a very simple way to take AdSense on this website is when your website is making traffic google Adsense approve within 24 hours.

What is spam?

Spam means lots of fake traffic from bots and crawlers which is very bad for any website that can make your website a bad image on any search engine or may ban your website and also take lots of penalties.

Backlinking from the spamming websites?

Backlinking from spamming websites can ban your website from google permanently and take lots of penalties from Google, google using Ai for ranking any post or website if there are lots of backlinking from a single domain they will never rank your post or website if you don’t rank on Google you can’t get any review from that website or blog.

How we can differentiate between spamming websites of the normal websites?

There are lots of factors you can find in a normal blog or website or a spamming website but the major difference is the date or UI of the website or blog. The date of the last post is recent or a year ago and the UI of the blog is simple user-friendly or un-updated of 2017 and the AdSense ads showing or not.

How to take AdSense in one month with 20 articles is very simple you have to follow these steps:-

  • Buy Top-level domain (.com,.org.xyz,.me.pro.info, etc) or create on Blogspot subdomain.
  • Create a website on (Blogger or WordPress).
  • Create three must pages (Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Term and Condition, Contact or About us).
  • Create navigation menus.
  • Write at least 20 quality and unique content around 1000 to 1500 words.
  • Submit website and sitemap in search console properly.
  • After 30 days apply for Adsense.
In my experience this method you defiantly 99% you got Adsense approval within 20 hours if 1% you do not get AdSense approval add minimum 7 high-quality posts and apply again on this time you never reject.

What happen I send spam traffic to my Adsense approved website?

In this condition, your AdSense account got banned or you got some Ads limit in your account. If you are doing for revenue Adsense never give all amount shown in Adsense, for spam traffic or invalid clicks AdSense cut some of the amounts read more
Spam traffic is also known as bot traffic if you don’t have any user base you never got some best traffic you need to learn about SEO and backlinking in their methods you easily rank on google and take lots of traffic.
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Que 1  Is Spam traffic is safe?
Ans     Definitely not, with spam traffic your website also got spammy.
Que 2  How to delete spam website backlinking?
Ans     There are lots of blogs present on google, you have to create a file of that spam website domain list and submit it on google.
Que 3  Can we take Adsense approval on downloading site?
Ans   Yes you can take but if you have your own content if you are using another content for downloading that is AdSense policy violations.
Que 4  Guest posting on biggest site is safe or not?
Ans     Yes guest posting is one of the best methods of fast ranking on google in 2021.
Que 5  Social media traffic is fake?
Ans     In 2021 the social media is a very big market if your website taking social media traffic you can make more than $1000 per month, there are lots of people who are also making this.
Que 6  Can we use the free blogspot domain for AdSense approval?
Ans   Yes Blogspot is a Google product you can go with the blogspot subdomain and take easily approval.
Que 7  Themes matters for AdSense approval?
Ans     Yes apply basic themes like generatepress for WordPress and templateify any theme for blogger
Que 8  Is there any earning without traffic?
Ans     No, If you don’t have any traffic you can’t make a single dollar.

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