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Hey, we are here for sharing some knowledge about websites and that was very important after 2021 June google announced that blog or website speed also matters for ranking and SEO in 2021 the doing SEO of any website is difficult and doing perfect seo you need to do all thing of the website started with looks we will discuss all about the template in this blog for better understanding read the full blog.

First, we will discuss basic topics

What is a Themes?

A theme is a set of codes that was a structure or the body of your website or blog which is customizable. In themes you don’t need to code yourself and doesn’t need any knowledge about codes themes are installed in cms and hosting storage that was customizable with software and just simple clicks, there are lots of things pre-installed in themes like fonts, colours, layout, design and many things. In 2021 the are lots of free and paid themes are available on the internet but with the themes, you need to check the speed of that themes, the template is seo friendly or googles friendly, the template is responsive or not, and many of the features are available in themes.
In 2021 we need a professional website for a better user experience and a better understanding of Google, in now days google Adsense also check the theme of the website and they reject website if your website or blog dosent have a better and unique theme.

The best themes for WordPress?

  1. Generatepress
  2. Genesis
  3. Zox News
  4. Flex Mag

The best themes for blogger?

  1. OnePress
  2. Colorify
  3. GNews
  4. LiteSpot
They are the best themes that have all features and have lots of updates that can keep bug free website.
You can install these themes and customize for your need and niche take a brand colour and customize with them there are lots of customizing them.
In blogger, the hosting is controlled by Google which can handle millions of traffic but that cant rank on top or position because the hosting power and speed both are different for google ranking you need your website loading speed is very fast that can open in seconds. so on this condition, you need to customize your website to make it lightweight for load fast or take a premium for fast your loading speed.
On WordPress you need any hosting and if you want to buy hosting so buy cloud hosting to increase the loading speed of the website

Difference between paid and free themes?

Paid themes are one of the best examples of the premium experience of anything you get lots of additional features and lots of decrypted code which can help in the speed of the website and dosent have any copyright of the company or owner of the template, and the free themes have limited features less customization and give proper credit to the owner of the template.

Is it good to use a free theme for a new blog?

No, if you are making any blog or website the better option is to take a premium theme because the investment is very necessary that can help you to easy customizable and you dosent give any credit to any of the theme owner and that make your website professional. If you use free themes there are lots of encrypted codes that can make your website slower and if your website is slow so your website can’t rank in the top position.


If you dosent have any money to invest in themes so I prefer free themes of any famous and fast themes which can help in seo and use basic themes never remove the copyright of any theme owner.

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