Is coding or wordpress which is better for future in Metters of earning?

Hey, we are here with some best suggestions for the future and sharing some knowledge and experience in word press and coding is the easy word I am comparing WordPress and coding for the future there are lots of questions in lots of digital marketers or bloggers lets answer them.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the best, unique, fast, opensource and most liked CMS platform, WordPress is fast from all cms software, the WordPress has easy understandable UI and has lots of updates each month which is very good for security and speed, there are lots of google support like fast indexing and many more, there are lots of themes of WordPress and plugin for WordPress for make website better fast e.g Yoast SEO, cache plugin, amp and many more to make site fast and basic for user best experience.
WordPress is most like cms platform which is voted by lots of people, there are lots of cms platforms in the market but the WordPress is free and best, there are lots of WordPress themes which is now the biggest company in the world.

What is CMS?

The content management system stands for CMS, in any website or blog there are lots of databases, codes, IP, lots of security files and many more which is controlled by one thing called cms, cms has lots of plugin for controlling this in an easy way.


coding is a set of codes which are written by the developer and company which can work the same as cms but not all ways there are limited features available there are lots of languages which we can create any website.

Is coding or WordPress which is better?

In my knowledge, their bot is best but depending on the situation which website you have to create and what you want to do with your website if you are making a tool, company, portfolio this type of website you doesn’t need Cms or WordPress you can go with coding and if your making blog or news like lots of articles or latest news you new cms like WordPress or blogger.
In Tool, portfolio, a company like a website have only some pages and not lots of databases which is easily handled by codes and software.
In a blog or news website, there are millions of content like text, videos, gifs, images and many more which can control by codes but if we want to do some kind of SEO we have to make some software which is kind of impossible for everyone so we have to use CMS like word press and another one.
In WordPress, there is also an option to make a custom website or edit that website in your own way which is very easy for any beginner in digital marketing, many of the WordPress themes support additional CSS support which is very easy to customize your blog,
In 2021 the Seo factor is changing if we need to rank on google we need to take care of the user experience and speed of the website without this we cant rank on google. so my suggestion is to use cms for a better experience and easy to manage.

Is coding or WordPress which is better for the future in Metters of earning?

The most asked question there is more earning on a self-coded website make more revenue than a cms controlled website that is totally wrong they make equal revenue but revenue depends on many factors Read more,
If you think you can place more ads on a self-coded website Adsense never show more than 8 ads on a single page and if you insert more than 8 ads Adsense may give ads limit on your website and if you want to insert 8 ads in a single post you need to write minimum 1500 words blog, there is an ads inserter plugin on WordPress if you use that you can easily insert ads without any codes.
Future is not only on cms there are lots of tool websites like and many more performing very well and making more revenue from a normal blog.

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