If we have no domain and hosting in the blog then it will affect earning?

Hey we are here for sharing some knowledge about blogging and earning we have shared lots of information in all the blogs but there are lots of creative peoples have lots of creative questions about blogging and we are here for giving an answer of all the question read this full article for better understanding or if you have any queries and question about digital marketing drop a comment below we will definitely answer them.

First, we discuss some basic topics

What is Domain?

The domain is a string set of words that maps to an IP address which is provided by a registered company or organization, domain is basically used for human learning purposes like if any website name is 196.355.2.3 is this suitable for learning for humans these IP can only be stored by robots so that why each website have unique IP so if we type google.com the browser connects the IP address of that website and that display present on the hosting of the website.
In the domain, there are lots of extensions each extension play role in SEO and brand reputation, If you are building some professional website like blogging or self blogging like the brand so prefer .com domain, if you are making some micro niche website purchase domain like .xyz, .pro related to your niche which can help you for ranking on google.

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain is part of the mother domain like if you want to create another niche website like your domain is shrishsunder.com and this domain is sharing digital marketing knowledge and wants to create gadgets review so he can’t post an article on shrishsunder.com because that was a niche website google never suggest to work like this so we want to create a new website but we want to make this domain name shown in mother domain so we create a subdomain like gadgets.shrishsunder.com like this we can create subdomain when it is needed but the hosting is nee to be fast because the hosting has to handle both domains traffic, we can create a subdomain from direct where we have bought domain like Namecheap domain DNS and we can also create from c panel provided bu hosting company.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is basically a computer where you can store you’re data and can be axis anywhere in word with the help of the internet, hosting is a very high specification pc where we can store website data and connect to an IP of a domain when someone request on a domain the domain request on hosting and hosting give the result in website form. The hosting plan is provided by companies and organizations to select plans for requirements where you can also go with shared hosting that can handle up to 1 million traffic.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is similar to hosting but the loading speed is very fast because that was stored on many servers when you request the domain the hosting gives the nearest server to respond so the loading speed become faster and in 2021 the cloud hosting getting cheaper, when the internet speed is increasing and the website traffic is increasing the new concept cloud hosting introduced cloud hosting can handle lots of real-time traffic and many of provider giving free for some month to take a look about how the cloud hosting works.

If we have no domain and hosting in the blog then it will affect its earnings?

Yes, In 2021 without domain or hosting earning effect and ranking also effect, no domain or no hosting means you want to go with blogger and use blogger subdomain, In 2021 all SEO is changed with content you have to work on SEO also in 2021 the content is king but the SEO is also king in this time you have to build a professional website that can attract user and the main point if you have subdomain the is a ranking problem because other cms have more advanced tool for doing best SEO.
in 2021 rank on top with subdomain is impossible and working with bloggers is very bad for income and SEO the most important is hosting and WordPress without WordPress we can’t use an advanced SEO plugin that can help you a lot in ranking.
Blogger can handle so much real-time traffic, that was lifetime free, and google also give Adsense approval on blogger website but in 2021 we new update in blogger without an update we can’t more traffic and without traffic we cant make more revenue.
There is google cloud hosting where you can get $300 for free where you can make a free website for 90 days and after that, you can add credit on it and use it for your use.
If you are a beginner and do not want to invest more money in it so there is a $5-month plan on Digitalocean where you get some limited resources where you can run your WordPress website

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