How to do perfect SEO for getting high traffic?

Hello, we are again here sharing some tips and tricks about doing perfect Seo the most important thing in blogging is SEO if your SEO is good you can take million of traffic in just a minute and if you are SEO is bad your website or blog cant even rank in 2021 there are lots of change in SEO and google ai which is easy to rank any blog in just months.

What is SEO?

search engine optimization is the greatest thing where you can drive million of traffic in your blog or website in just a minute doesn’t which country at which time you cant imagine you can earn million of revenue from just doing some SEO. SEO is not only writing articles on low competitive keywords and submitting them on google search console there are lots of things but it may be divided into two parts first is off-page SEO and another is on-page SEO they both are important for each and every blog and website.

You need to do first do some keyword search on the niche of your blog or website and after that, you need to write the best post or article on that topic if someone ranking on that topic or keyword you need to write more than that blog for that you need to deep research for that topic or you need some professional writer for that and the are lots of things that you can add to attract your audiences like some videos of tutorials or an infographic you need to analyse your competitor do make your website better than the ranked website.

After writing a post more than 20-30 high-quality posts and spend at least a month on the website you are not ready for off-page SEO that is backlinking there are also lots of factors in off-page SEO or backlinking you need to make backlinking there are lots of backlinks like profile backlinking, post backlinking, header or footer backlinking and there are tow more factors in backlinking one is Nofollow and second is DoFollow they both have there own work for rank on google they both are good but taking lots of backlinking can give bad impression on google and never rank on google search, google also give lots of penalty on your website. Which can destroy your whole hard work and your website.

What is backlinking?

Backlinking is a link of your website or a single article on another website from the visitor’s id coming that is known as backlinking there are two types of backlinking:-

Do-Follow- Dofollow backlinking means someone or another website which is ranked on google, giving suggestion to google to go to you’re website and give some respect to your website to rank your blogs and articles and after getting some high authority domain backlinking your domain authority also increase.

No-Follow- No-follow backlinking means another website given you nofollow backlinking saying to google that this link is only for visiting the website is not responsible for anything on your website.

But in 2021 SEO they both matter or not they both matters on percentage nofollow is 40% and dofollow is maximum of 60% and nan matter in link juice.

Link Juice


In 2021 you need some traffic so link juice works on traffic if you create some backlinking on a similar website and similar post so there is lots of chance to click on your site link which is called link juice.


How to do perfect SEO for getting high traffic?

The most asked question is this how to do perfect SEO for getting high traffic high CPC rates, Firstly nothing is perfect in this world all things need some up-gradation with time in blogging you also need to upgrade your blog whenever needed, you need to rank on google first page to get millions of traffic on ranking on google in 2021 you need backlinking and analyse competitor or already ranked on google websites, ao there must be another work like upgrading some article to give a better impression to viewers there are lots of factors to rank on google you need to analyse your website buy your own no one help you to rank your article on google. For getting high or high-quality traffic you need to rank on google which is not easy.
For making high traffic you can also check the speed of your website.

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