How much money does Google Adsense distribute for bloggers monthly?

How much money does Google Adsense distribute for bloggers monthly? is one of the important and major questions for every beginner blogger this is a time waste question read this article to know how this is a time waste and how much google Adsense gives every month.

Hey, we are sharing some knowledge about Adsense with our own experience which is maybe around or equal to the actual data that is calculated by google Adsense which can give all your answer and give your best idea about actual reality.

What is Adsense?

Adsense is one of the biggest Ad networks in the entire world which is owned by Google LLC. Adsense is not only for websites it is also for android app, youtube, etc. Adsense shows their ads on the website youtube and so many platforms.

There is an assortment of companies that want to show their ads on the related website or blog and generate their sales this is the most important thing of marketing when companies create their ads on Adsense and we show their ads on our website so when some visiter of my website are interested so they click on ad and Adsense give money with some rule or CPC.

What is CPC?


CPC stands for Cost per Click which is very important to understand because you can’t create more revenue from a blog or website. CPC is simple Cost on every click means there are 1000 visitors in your blog some of are intrusted in buying some Android Smartphone and in your website you have Ad of new Smartphone there is probably the chance of clicking on the ad, and you got some small amount is known as Cost per click.

Adsense also give revenue from the impression. When someone stays on your website and read the full article and watches ads with them AdSense also give some amount.

Where to place ADS?

Where To place ads

To place so many ads can create so many issues like take lots of time to load the website, bad user experience which can give a bad impression to your visitors. To know how to place Ads properly you have to analyse your competitor and don’t copy them just take an idea of how to and where to place ads.

Adsense only recommend creating Blog, Forum and Tool websites because these websites have a huge amount of traffic and have more real-time traffic which can generate more revenue. To take Adsense is one of the major parts of a website. If you don’t have any traffic you cant earn a single dollar from a website for more traffic you need to do some OFF page SEO is a very must in 2021.

There are lots of blogs that can make more than $50 per day. But some single page micro-niches can make more than $500 per day that only depends on the traffic and placing ads on some best places to increase click and generate more revenue.

Monthly Adsense doesn’t give actual amount shown in Adsense some time if you earn $2000 Adsense only give $1700 some of the amounts is deducted for invalid clicks, bot traffic which is a very low amount and some time Adsense doesn’t cut any amount. The monthly minimum amount can be transferred in $100 below $100 you cant take it from Adsense.

If your website or blog reach 1000 view so there is probably chance to give you around $1 and if 30% of them click on that ad in that condition you can expect $60 to $70 depending on CPC and from which country because each and every country have there own CPC and own rules.

If your blog, website, micro-niche, generate traffic from only google and a small amount from social media that can increase your CPC up to 80% more because in this condition. Impression-based ads work.

Que1  How much traffic do we need to take Adsense?

Ans    You don’t need any traffic you only need user-friendly articles which can help another for more information read this Link

Que2  What is the word length of every article?

Ans    Word length doesn’t matter. Just matter how you can solve the problem in one word or 1000 words.

Que3  Can I use the blogger subdomain for any ranking problem or Adsense give approval?

Ans     Yes, you can use it there is no single problem with ranking.

Que4  How can I create my own blog I don’t have any coding skills.

Ans    There is lots of tutorial on youtube you don’t need a coding skill in 2021.

Que5  Does backlink matter in the ranking?

Ans    Yes, backlinking is one of the main parts of rank on google.

Que6  How many articles do we want to take Adsense Easily?

Ans    You need at least 50 articles of 300-700 words or 1000-2000 words at least 22 articles.

Que7  Can we translate our own article into another language and use that?

Ans    You can use google translate it can translate in that way you need to at least basic of that language.

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