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Hello we are here another time for sharing some knowledge about blogger and blogging there are lots of questions in everyone mind and if you are going to start any blog you have this question in your mind in this article we are answering all questions and sharing some more knowledge so read the full article.

What is blogging?

Blogging refers to introduce something new on the internet like photography, writing, finding new opportunities every day, self-publishing online, and many more. In blogging, you have to make a website or blog and updating regularly for encouraging your audions and making some revenue from that.
In 2021 the blogging is a business where you can earn millions of dollars there are lots of meths of earning like affiliate marketing, google ads, sponsorship and many more when there is lots of revenue making methods there are lots of websites like news, How to, Tips and Tricks and many more the most famous websites.

What is a blogger?

Blogger is a product of Google and blogger is an online CMS(content management system) where you can make your own website and publish a blog on daily basis, blogger is similar to WordPress, blogger has their own subdomain, in blogger, you can make own website or blog you can code in XML and create own custom website and there are lots of templates available on the internet there are lots of website selling templates which is good for beginner and making good looking website.
In blogger, you don’t need any hosting and domain blogger of google to provide their own hosting and subdomain which is very good if you want any top-level domain you can buy and attach with your website. Adsense never look at their subdomain as bad google give precise their product and give AdSense approval easily the main thing of blogger your website has 1 million traffic of 1 billion traffic google can handle it easily with their hosting.

Can we earn money from a blogger?

Yes we can make money from bloggers make a website or blog keep posting your content daily publish high-quality content and publish unique content for Adsense approval after approval you can earn money from Google Adsense, you can direct content companies like if you have a website on cars so you can direct mail car companies that I have millions of visitors on my website or blog can we collab and we will show your cars ads on our website you can charge amount on per click or impression form that companies, the most competition idea is affiliate marketing in affiliate marketing there are lots of competitor in 2021 you need to make your website SEO very powerful and make the content as good as possible.

How much can earn from the free blogging website

You can earn $10000 daily or $300000 month but there are lots on the condition what kind of keyword, any affiliate will work or not, sponsorship work on that niche or not let’s talk about all
If your website only have an Adsense approve website or blog you can earn $300 daily if your website or blog has around 1million traffic but that all depends on a niche if you have a website on insurance, bitcoin, hosting or any high CPC website you can earn $700 per day.
The affiliate market is one of the biggest commission making here you can earn unlimited there are no limits if you have a website on review on a laptop or any product, bitcoin, domain or hosting if anyone purchase from your affiliate like you can get up to 80% commission of that product if anyone buying bitcoin of $100 from your affiliate link you will get around $40 on every purchase here your traffic doesn’t matter where your audience matter what kind of audions are visiting your site if they really want that product.
The last thing is sponsorship here you can make $1000 daily but you need some sponsorship you can direct contact companies and ask them for sponsorship for any ad on your website where you charge some amount from them the amount matters on the nice and what kind of audions you have.
The main question is how we can make $10000 day if you work in a high CPC niche like bitcoin etc and using your affiliate and take some sponsorship these all will work if you have at least 1 to the 2-year-old website or blog you can earn $300000 month there are lots of bloggers earning with and only applied some custom domain.
There are lots of problems for bloggers in 2021 the main problem is indexing if you are writing a blog that will index on google after one month his very bad service from google, google will fix this problem for getting better results, the second problem is you cant change meta description which is very wrong in 2021 SEO for attracting user we need to write something attractive on meta description.
If you are making a website or blog we highly recommend you to take cloud hosting and make a website on WordPress there are lots of WordPress support and plugin support if you are using cloud hosting try google cloud service that was free for 90 days which is very fast and good.

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