How can a blog on fetch income from websites?

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is open source cms software that is used for creating a beautiful blog, website and many more creative things with help of some coding or help of plugins that are very easy to make and customize, there are lots of cms but wordpress is very famous and free of cost there are lots of famous websites using wordpress and making millions of dollars with the only Adsense, There are lots of plugin for wordpress which can make wordpress more reliable and more secure.
WordPress is software that is stored on your hosting server which performs its work and is managed by this is a very big organization.

What is is a website builder similar to, where you can make your own website in website where you can make a free website or there are lots of paid plans which is offered by wordpress where you get the free one-year domain in each plan and the hosting is given by where you can give unlimited traffic which is very good service is given by

What are the differences between WordPress and

The most confusing question is differentiate between wordpress or, the most common difference between them is the WordPress is Cms(content management system) and is an online website builder where you can build a website by drag and drop there are more features in the premium version, they both support plugins but in there is only on premium feature only, there are lots of difference between them we can just find when we analyse any of there website.

How does WordPress generate income?

WordPress is free open source CMS is totally free on any hosting or so how they make income there is a plugin option where if you want to upload any plugin you need to pay some amount to wordpress so on that way wordpress earn.

How does earn from our blog?

This is the very simple answer if you want to create a blog or website you need to buy premium plans of and if you make a free website there are very fewer resources and wordpress run their ads on free blog or website where make their audions base when any want to create a website they, will highly prefer when your audions sea ads on your site.

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