Create a WordPress website in localhost | Can we make website on localhost and take it online.

Hey, we are again here sharing some knowledge about localhost and WordPress we will answer each and every question about localhost if you thinking about localhost read the article before using localhost.

What is WordPress? what does WordPress do?

WordPress is one of the best Content management systems for bloggers. WordPress manages each and every file data and everything in just one software in WordPress. There are lots of plugins in WordPress to manage it easily, WordPress is very highly secured and using PHP is very fast and secure.
WordPress manages all post links, photos, videos, codes and many more in just one software.

What is localhost? How to make it?

localhost is a very simple thing like something on your computer or and device can be a view for any device which is connected locally in same wifi or wire connected from the help of some software like Xampp which provides Apache, MySQL server which is required for localhost.
To make localhost you need a computer and internet connection:-
  1. Go to and download XAMPP install it on your computer.
  2. After installing go to the installation folder where you install Xampp.
  3. Go to WordPress download and download the WordPress (after downloading unzip that file).
  4. Go to the app installation folder find the ‘htdoc’ folder and go in that folder and past WordPress unzip the folder.
  5. After pasting rename that folder in your website name (not necessary).
  6. Open Xampp software and tern on Apache and MySQL server.
  7. After starting the server open any browser and type “localhost/yourfilename/“.
  8. And your local host is ready for use.

What is a domain? How to Buy that?

The domain is a group of words or numbers to learn the name on make it clear to understand what king or category is for that website the domain is basically a unique IP address which is connected to name like, and their IP is different we cant learn there IP’s but be can learn the name of the website so that why domain is launched.
There are lots of companies for buying domains in 2021 the domain is at a very cheap rate there are lots of providers like namecheap, and lots of companies.

Why domain is not free?

Registering a domain in the public domain registry company is paid domain provider company pay an amount to public domain registry company so that money is the cost of a domain, there are lots of domain like .xyz,.website that can be bought under $1.

Can we make a website on localhost and take it online?

Yes we can make a website on localhost and take it on with help of some software but there are lots of problems
  • High-speed internet connection.
  • High-end PC specification.
  • All-time pc working condition.
  • Security issues.
There is a problem with the internet connectivity you need a minimum 1Gbps internet speed to run the website smoothly when you run a website you will see there are lots of real-time visitors that need your website to work smoothly and load fast so you need maximum uploading speed to download that content in your visitor’s device fastly.
There is a problem with PC you need a server CPU and maximum ram when you run a website you will see there are lots of visitors you need more ram to save more storage or cache at the same time so your visitor doesn’t want to wait more and more and the main problem is cooling on this condition cpu generates more heat which is not good we need to cool that so on that condition we need water cooling.
The problem with pc electricity connection yo needs all-time pc to keep working there are lots of visitors on your website if they any visitors see the website is not working so on that condition your visitor go to another website or get a bad impression for your website if your website id down for more than a minute the google will drank from google search which can lose lots of visitors.
If you manage all these issues there is a very big issue is security if your website is famous there are lots of competitors that want to see your information about your website and down your website, with help of that bug so you need some security expert for that or you need some paid software which is very costly.
This kind of thing only for biggest company organisation work you cant do this kind of thing that was very costly and the management is also very costly.
So, in that case, the company find the solution is Hosting hosting is a server but you don’t need to take any headache about anything just you need to pay for that which is very cheap there is the digital ocean, google cloud, AWS and many more cloud hosting which is giving around $5 for a month with some restrictions but that was best for intermediate bloggers.

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