Can I earn money on random blogs and topics?

Hello, we are here for sharing some knowledge about blogging we have shared lots of knowledge about blogging in previous blogs bet we have lots of questions about blogging we are sharing some best knowledge and experience that can help you to start the blogging journey we are sharing lots of answers in this blog read this full blog for better understanding.


Blogging in 2021

In 2021 the blogging world is changed there are lots of google core update where we have to take care of everything in 2021 the blogging is a business where lots of people are investing their time in it and they are making lots of revenue.
In 2021 you cant create a mixed nice blog you have to make a niche website or micro-niche blog where you have to target like on a single topic like computer gadgets and many more things where you have to post blogs on computer gadgets related posts and the micro-niche is just niche micro topic gaming chair, gaming mouse and many things where we have to create blog only single or particular topic.
Before 2015 there are blogs like lots of mixed niches blogs like gadgets, jokes, electronics and many more things in a single blog the have billions of traffic and they have very high da and pa but after google lots of core update in google is not recommending these blog, these blogs have very high authority any beginner the have best SEO tricks where they can rank any blog, but Google is no longer supporter for these blog google want the best content for every user so that’s why Google wants more competition on every topic where google can decide what kind of blog want to rank on search engine.

How does Adsense work?

Adsense working on many types of things like experiments, cookies, suggestions based and many more things adsense working showing ads with help of these things if your website has some downloading things google showing ads like download now or something to attract visitors and if you have some gadgets blog adsense show ads like 50% off on that product so that can attract visitors and that pay you for every clicks and impression or if you have lots of traffic for social media you CPC is very low but if you have high-quality traffic from google you CPC of impression and click rate is very high.

Can I earn money on random blogs and topics?

If you are reading this blog start you can find the answer from yourself but we will simplify this answer,
earning money from blog and from Adsense, you need to make user base and traffic which is impressed from your blog for the traffic you need to rank google on top of position but if you write a blog on random topic google never rank your blog whether your content is best-mixed niche never rank on google and never earn any profit from google. there is not the only Adsense is way to earn money there is another way that was affiliate marketing for affiliate marketing you need lots of traffic for making affiliate but if you working on mixed niche google never rank on a search result and if you doesn’t rank on google traffic is not coming on you your site,
There is another way of affiliate marketing if you have social media traffic you can divert to your blog and generate affiliate income.


If you want to earn some money from a blog you need to rank on google and take care of SEO and proper customization in 2021 content is king but SEO is very important.

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