Best blogging platform to earn maximum income?

Hey, we are here for giving some information about the main part of online earning blogging, blogging is started with google, google is blank without bloggers, bloggers make google words the best search engine today we are sharing some knowledge about blogging and answering some of the most asked questions so read the full article for better understanding.

First, we understand the main topic of this article

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the creativity of mind and hardworking technique where you have to make a website or blog and doing SEO and rank on google top position, taking care of users, analyse competitors, design and many more can give some earning. There are lots of bloggers doing this daily and make some revenue.
Before 2015 there are websites like they have lots of content on every niche and there are very few websites on the internet if anyone wants to start the website they have to hire a writer for writing content and write more than 1000 articles to build authority and after 2015 there is a new concept in blogging that is micro niche website is like in a category there are small niche like in gadgets there are lots of micro-niche like kitchen gadgets so beginners creating micro niche website where you got lots of traffic and after google see that there are so many competitors google decide to support microniche and after so many cores update of google, google finely support only content if your content is good and giving value to user your website will rank on top of the position.
Blogging is not only creating a website or writing articles blogging is a method where you are helping millions of people and making an image in these online worlds you have to be consistent in blogging and open mind for thinking of finding a new niche and work as fast as you can in 2021 the customization of the website also matters.
In 2021 the SEO methods changed and there are lots of tools are available on google where you can analyse each and everything of your website and another website in 2021 the tools are very important for keyword searching new keyword is Ahref, ubersuggest, semrush they all are one of the best.
Best blogging platform or best cms?
The best blogging platform or cms is WordPress, WordPress is a most likely platform in 2021 there are lots of advanced tools which is not present anywhere else, WordPress has lots of plugins and lightweight thems which make WordPress more fast and easy to use for the ney SEO the WordPress is very good.
In WordPress you want a hosting and domain which can cost up to $5 months which is very less but when you have low traffic if you have more traffic you need cloud hosting which may cost up to $40 a month but that was very fast.
In blogger, you don’t need any hosting or domain which is a very good thing for a blogger all your traffic and all your content managed by Google and your website speed will never go down but there are some restrictions you cant do some advance SEO and can’t change the meta description of any blog post and there are lots of indexing problem with blogger.
Best blogging platform to earn maximum income?
The most asked question is this best blogging platform to earn maximum income the answer is WordPress is the platform where you can earn maximum income from Adsense. In 2021 the website speed matters and if you apply auto ads so the ads showing well but your website speed will not be able to load fast so there are ads inserter plugin so you can insert ads with help of them there are lots of other plugins for the kind of work so for showing some best Adsense use wordpress.
In blogger you can only use auto ads there is not another option where you can show ads in blogger but there are lots of templates where you can use your own ads and place your own codes.
You cant place more than 8 ads in a single place if your content is big so on that condition you can use more ads.
Adsense only work on a visitor base if you have visitors you can convert into dollars but if you don’t have any traffic your website never mane any single $ if you have lots of visitors and you are the best content that attracting users on that case you can earn maximum income.
Ther is another option where you can hire a developer and develop custom cms and thems where you can apply ads where you want to do and also place multiple ads from multiple ads networks.
If you need more income try to focus on SEO or hire an SEO expert so they can help you to rank on to of position on a search where you can get more traffic and can generate more income.

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