8 Best Tricks To Rank No.1 On Google Search Result

Hey, we are here for sharing some best tips to rank on Google within a month this method is not guaranteed depending on your blog and many factors but if your website is old and have lots of high-quality blogs these tricks definitely work and you can rank your post on no.1 position.

These all methods will work and if you don’t just that perfect for doing this perfectly you have to work deeply on it after reading this blog and applying tricks your blog will definitely rank on search results and getting lots of traffic.

1. Find Keyword For Future

Fist step of rank on google is finding the keyword for the future or that have some search volume, keyword is the main thing of SEO low competitive keyword that can easily rank your blog and make lots of organic traffic.
Find at least some search volume keywords so after your blog rank, all the users will land on your blog if you write on 0 search volume keywords and no one searching on that blog you need to customize your blog post and target more keywords that can help you to make more traffic.
Whenever you do some keyword reach with any tool target on topics never target on a single keyword that can help you for doing the thing you can find lots of headline and subheadline for your blog post.

2. Keyword Popularity

If you are working 0 searches keyword which has zero searches every month that is not a profitable keyword if you do not have any visitors from that keyword the CPC and the earning from that keyword is zero.
Find a keyword that is growing and having some search volume and dosent have any competition. There are lots of tools available where you can see the latest trending keyword the best tool is google trends and find the latest trends that can help find profitable keywords.

3. Write SEO Friendly content

After doing keyword research you need to write SEO friendly content which can target many keywords, after doing keyword research you can check any competitor if you have some see how they write content how many images they use and many things analyse a full blog.
After analysing the competitor you need to deep research on that topic and write a more user-friendly, good, optimistic blog use some infographic and images for better understanding.

4. Featured Snippet Opportunity

After doing keyword you have to take care of result anyone blog dosent have on featured snippet on that condition your blog never come on top 1 position because google featured snippets is done after lots of google checking.
If anyone blog or article is not on feature snip there is a golden opportunity to rank with help of a featured snippet there are lots of feature snipped offered by google ex QnA, Faq, google knowledge panel and many more featured snippets depending on your blog.

5. Create A Silo Structure

Silo structure is basically the same as advance inter backlinking linking some related blog post to make strong SEO and taking link juice and can rank more blog with one.
link juice is just “not necessary but suggested” means if you are writing a blog on photoshop and lightroom there are lots of chances where users also want to read also on lightroom and that can create link juice where someone wants to read the article and find some related article that is also want to read.
Also, you have to like all pages and blogs to the homepage if anyone visits your homepage can easily find all things.

6. Build Website Authority

Build website authority is not only a means to increase the da or pa build website authority means to create a quality backlinking, forum and profile backlinking, site branding any many things that can help you to increase authority.
There are lots of backlinking methods line comment backlinking, forum backlinking, social media backlinking, brand building and many of you can easily search on Google, you have to tell the visitors that the new website is come on that category and have some best content that can help everyone.

7. Update Your Old Content

Now what you want to do is update your old blogs for better ranking, in your website there if you have lots of content you have to update old blogs and add something like new words, sentences and images.
With time everything needs up-gradation your blog also if you write a blog on some tricks which don’t work now but now the other tricks work so you need to update your blog for maintaining 1 position or increase position.

8. Security

Website security is very important for everything without security google never rank your blog on a search result and google give notification to every user to not open this blog so every user comes back so the bounce rate of your website will increase and that an effect on ranking you can louse millions of traffic every day.
Use Cloudflare SSL certificate and for blogger, the google gives own SSL which is best.

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